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Parking FAQs



You will find information on the car parks and parking rates at Parking.

Yes, you can book a parking space online. Please note you must register before you can make a reservation for a parking space. Registration via this link:

The maximum entrance clearance height is 1.95 m. Larger vehicles can use Car Park Nord.

Customers can park their motorcycle or motor scooter at the regular parking garage 2 rate in the separate security area (multi-storey car park 2, level 4, section D).

To do so, please use the new entrance, which leads from the motorway to level 4 in P2. Please do not take a regular ticket at the entrance barrier, but use the speech function. You will then be issued a ticket and the barrier will be opened manually. The staff in the multi-storey car park will then open the security area for you to park the motorcycle or motor scooter there.

After parking, you must validate your ticket at the pay station (next to the pay booth) at the regular P2 rate. Please visit the pay booth upon return. The staff will then open the security area for you. Please activate the speech function again at the exit barrier, and then the barrier will then be opened again manually.

  It depends on your means of identification: either you enter your credit card into the slot or you hold the QR code you received with your booking confirmation in front of the QR code reader. Alternatively, you can specify your car registration number when booking and use this to enter and exit.

Provided you enter within the period you have booked (or the applicable margin periods), the barrier will recognize your means of identification and be raised.

Please don’t forget to take your means of identification with you.

You must use the same means of identification for both entering and exiting, i.e. the medium you selected while making the reservation. You can also use the QR-code on your booking confirmation, even if you have selected “credit card” as your means of identification. If you have specified your registration number when booking, you can use this to enter and exit. Please note that the barrier opens automatically and you can drive in immediately.

You must in any case use the means of identification you have selected to enter the car park, otherwise you will not be able to leave using your means of identification. Therefore, please drive out of the car park again, and then enter again using your means of identification. Please note that in this case, you may be charged a parking fee, so before driving out of the car park, please go to a pay station with the ticket.

The means of identification you select must be valid at least until the end of your parking period, otherwise it will not be recognised. If your means of identification is no longer valid, you can also use the QR code on the reservation confirmation. If you specified your car registration number when booking, you can use this as your means of identification.

No, you can drive directly to the exit and use the means of identification you used when entering. Depending on the means of identification you are using: either hold this (reservation confirmation) in front of the QR code reader or enter it into the slot (credit card) at the barrier. If you specified your car registration number when booking and used this as your identification on entering, the barrier will automatically open when you reach the exit.

In this case, the excess period of parking will be charged according to the valid parking rates (as posted in the price lists) for the respective car park and directly debited from your credit card at the exit barrier. Billing is as a rule on an hourly basis, or, if the duration is longer, on a daily and hourly basis. You will receive a receipt for this payment process at the exit barrier.

If you leave the car park before the end of your parking time, we can unfortunately not give you any refund.

There is a call button at all entry and exit barriers which will put you through to our service staff. Our service personnel is there to answer your questions 24/7. Please describe your problem to the person from service and we will be pleased to help you.

The display “Zero free parking spaces” simply means that those who have not booked a parking space online may not drive into the car park. As a parking customer with a reservation, you can still enter using your selected means of identification. We can guarantee that there is a free parking space for you.

The reservation is only for one entry and one exit. As soon as you drive out of the car park, your booking is considered as concluded and you cannot drive in again without taking a ticket.

Free rebooking is possible if the customer has registered in the online booking system, the change is made at least 24 hours in advance (before the start of the booked rental period) and there is a maximum of 24 hours between the start of the previous and the newly booked rental period.

Should the rebooking result in a more favourable rate, a refund is not possible.

If you book without registration, you cannot change or upgrade your reservation.

You can cancel your reservation free of charge up to 12 hours before the entry time booked.

Should you not use the reserved parking space without cancelling the reservation, you shall have no claim to a refund of the parking fee.

With the booking confirmation you receive per e-mail, you will also receive an invoice (Page 2). On Page 3, you will find a one-time mandate for a SEPA direct debit, which you do not need to sign or return to us. To read the complete confirmation of reservation, you will require the Acrobat-Reader, which is available free of charge in the Internet.

You can pay at your convenience either with an EC-card or a credit card.

Flughafen Köln/Bonn GmbH does not charge any reservation fees.

Yes, you can make several reservations for the same period. In this case, please select the QR-code or the car registration number as the means of identification for entry and exit. A credit card cannot be used for such multiple reservations.

The maximum parking period is 10 days in P1 and 6 weeks in P2, P3 and P-Nord. If your reservation in P1 exceeds the maximum parking period of 10 days, and, in P2, P3 or P-Nord, the maximum of 6 weeks, you will have to pay for the time in excess of the reservation at the current parking rates for the respective car park at the exit barrier or at a pay station.

The minimum parking period that can be booked online is 24 hours for the car parks P1, P2, P3 and P-Nord.

For car parks P1, P2, P3 and the car park P-Nord, bookings can be made up to 1 hour before the start of the parking period.

In this case you can have your password sent to you per e-mail via the function “Forgotten your password?”. We recommend you change your password after this.

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